Pamela/Meow Me and Max: More gravy in life!

Pamela/Meow Me and Max: More gravy in life!

Pamela/Meow Me and Max: More gravy in life!

Peter was looking for a cat!

Peter had only been looking for one cat. “I always wanted a cat with white socks!” He had remarked when he spotted Pamela on ACR’s website. “I named her after an old girlfriend.” But, Peter became concerned with Pamela’s constant meowing after adopting her. “She was very chatty!” So much so, Peter affectionately dubbed her Meow Me. “Oh and she hid a lot too.” Peter added.

Max and Pamela/Meow Me

“She’s missing Max!” Susan replied to a concerned Peter via email. “And he’s still available to adopt.” Susan rescued and fostered Pamela and Max who were abandoned by her neighbours upon eviction. But, Peter was unsure how well they’d get along. Susan reminded him they were older cats and a bond pair. Pamela missed Max’s company. “Besides, female cats are usually the boss!” Susan assured him. “I knew this was a perfect match. Peter was an ideal adopter living in a condo.” Susan said knowing they would be well cared for. “He was very concerned about what to feed them and what furnishings to purchase.”

A year later, Pamela (Meow Me) and Max are well adjusted to living in Peter’s home. Pamela (Meow Me) doesn’t hide underneath the couch anymore. “I can’t even fathom how she got under there! It had a very low clearance. She’d only came out to relieve herself and eat.” Peter said still amazed. But sometimes they hide if Peter has company they haven’t met. Pamela/Meow Me has not ceased being talkative. “She’s not a lap cat. But she does fancy me!” Peter coos. She loiters in every room he is in and sleeps close. “But never on me!” Peter says. She also is his alarm clock waking him by the third meow. Max, on the other hand will sleep on Peter and jump in his lap every chance but rarely utters a peep. Peter has grown to appreciate Max’s companionship. “I’m very fortunate to have him.” Peter declares. And any qualms Peter had about carpets being scratched has been remedied by the many cat trees provided for their use. “They have taken over my condo and I think they have called my lawyer to change the title over to them!” Peter jokes. Pamela/Meow Me has already declared his condo as her “domain for meow!”

Adopting Pamela/Meow Me and Max has been a very satisfying experience for Peter. And Max’s addition to the family hasn’t been any more work. Peter says recommending people adopt older cats. “You are more aware of their temperament. And they don’t need attention 24/7.” Peter adds. “I’m a pretty happy person already. Having Pamela/Meow Me and Max around is just more gravy in life!”