Welcome to TravelCatScribe! Where Multiple Interests Thrive! Hi! I'm Gillian Semple, Promotional Writer, MultiPod, and Explorer of many interests. TravelCatScribe is under renovation in 2018/19 to become a better place to showcase my multiple skills and interests in painting, writing, photography, podcasting (The MultiPod), anthropology, psychology, and anything else that strikes my interest. Revamping TravelCatScribe is part and parcel of a personal awakening. Together with my experiences with Ayahuasca, I've discovered multipotentiality (The Putty Tribe) was something to be appreciated. My wide and varied experiences gained through travelling and working in many fields prepared me to be more adaptable in the 21st century. Because, today corporate downsizing and unemployment is an issue that faces us all. But, TravelCatScribe takes inspiration from the poem The Road less Travelled. The road doesn't have to be a lonely one. TravelCatScribe is committed to promoting and celebrating fascinating people, places and, moments I would never have encountered on a well worn path. Happy New Year! In 2019, TravelCatScribe encourages people who refuse to abandon their childlike curiosity to pursue their passions and turn them into employment opportunities.