Momma and Manny - Instant Companionship

Momma and Manny – Instant Companionship

Momma and Manny – Instant Companionship


Crazy Cat People

When Momma and Manny became part of Reggie and Dave’s family, everything changed! “We very quickly became ‘crazy cat people’!” Reggie laughed. “Our iPhones are filled with photos!”

Momma and Manny On the Stairs

Beloved Companions

But before the beloved feline companions came into their lives, Reggie and Dave thought a lot about what they wanted. “We knew we didn’t want to buy a pet! I don’t want to think of cats as a product of sale.” Reggie said firmly. And they knew they preferred having mature cats. Both Dave and Reggie travel quite extensively for work and didn’t want the stress of training kittens. And, “we knew we wanted two cats so they had a built-in friend from the start.” Reggie added. And when they both agreed on adopting rescue cats, Annex Cat Rescue became a perfect place to start looking.

Momma – Extreme Close Up

Online Process – Easy and Straightforward

Reggie and Dave found the process of adopting cats online with ACR easy and straight forward. They filled out an application. “And of course, looked at the amazing and cute cats available for adoption.” Reggie smiled. “We were told it was a challenge to find forever homes for older cats and bonded pairs.” When Reggie was visiting foster homes, she found it a bit odd to choose one pair of cats over another. But she realized “it’s about connection and finding the right fit for both you and the cats.” So when Dave and Reggie found Momma, 12 and Manny 4 they were thrilled they could help shelter a Mother and son. “Momma was very shy and we barely saw Manny. But Momma eventually warmed up and played with a fish on a pole.” Reggie and Dave were smitten.

Manny Close Up!

Everyone was nervous!

When they came home they all seemed a bit nervous of each other – both humans and felines. Momma and Manny hid for about a half hour and then slowly started to explore the house. But when it was time for bed, Dave was unsure what the cats would do. Would they continue to take stock of their new home or sleep? That night, all four were tucked up in bed. Manny snuggling Reggie. While, Momma slept at their feet under the covers.

No Lap Cats

“They were never lap cats!” Reggie said. “But now they take turns moving between us when we are sitting on the couch.” When Dave works from home, he’ll type with one hand on his lap top and stroke Momma with the other. Momma is very spry for a 13 year old. She loves her belly rubbed and stretches each paw in the air like a child raising her hand to ask a question. A gesture Reggie finds wonderful and very charming. Manny is a Momma’s boy and will try to climb into Momma’s shoe box and snuggle with her. Sometimes she chases him away but most often they cuddle.

Instant Companionship 

Reggie is amazed at the instant companionship Momma and Manny have brought to her and her husband’s lives. They are deeply connected and affectionate. “And they take care of each other.” Reggie added. “When one of us is away, we send photos and videos of the cats and talk to them through Facetime video. When they see us… and hear our voices, they will often rub on the iPad. We let Manny watch bird videos on the iPad on Saturday mornings.” Reggie grinned.

Playful Manny!

Reggie and Dave have no regrets about adopting rescue cats. “Cats are low maintenance …affectionate, independent and don’t need constant attention.” And, Reggie highly recommends adopting mature and bonded pair of felines. Their love is immeasurable for each other and their human companions.


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